01-22-2019 AmeriGas Appoints Ann P. Kelly Chief Financial Officer; UGI Appoints Laurie...
  (Press Release)

01-22-2019 FirstEnergy Earns 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index Designation
  (Press Release)

01-22-2019 PPL Electric Utilities contributes $750,000 to improve children's education
  (Press Release)

01-22-2019 PA Activates Commonwealth Response Coordination Center for Winter Storm Harper
  (Press Release)

01-22-2019 Commonwealth Response Coordination Center Remains Open as Arctic Blasts...
  (Press Release)

01-22-2019 Rep. Vitali: Wolf budget should properly fund DEP
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has been severely  underfunded for years. This has compromised the department’s ability to  protect public health and the environment. Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed  budget should restore needed resources.  The DEP has suffered almost a 30 percent reduction in staff since 2002,...  - Phoenixville News

01-22-2019 California’s energy challenge: How — and whether — to save PG&E, a utility that could face monumental fire liabilities
It was just after 6:15 a.m. when the line “tripped off.” Soon  after, workers for Pacific Gas and Electric spotted smoke near the utility  tower that, on the windy morning of Nov. 8, had suddenly gone dark.  There was little time to do much more than take notice. Within 15 minutes,...  - Washington Post

01-22-2019 IUP to offer new energy management track
Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Eberly College of Business and  Information Technology is offering a unique opportunity for students  interested in the energy management field.  The Eberly College’s interdisciplinary track in energy management  offers an introduction to the global energy industry from a number of...  - Indiana Gazette

01-20-2019 PG&E Bankruptcy Could Deal Blow to Its Solar-Power Suppliers’ Finances
Pacific Gas and Electric promises that its customers’ lights will stay  on if it follows through on plans to file for bankruptcy this month. But  companies that supply the California utility’s electricity may have  more to worry about.  PG&E said Monday that it would use bankruptcy to resolve huge liabilities...  - New York Times

01-20-2019 Climate Change’s Giant Impact on the Economy: 4 Key Issues
By now, it’s clear that climate change poses environmental risks beyond  anything seen in the modern age. But we’re only starting to come to  grips with the potential economic effects.  Using increasingly sophisticated modeling, researchers are calculating how  each tenth of a degree of global warming is likely to play out in economic...  - New York Times

01-16-2019 Public Utility Commission Meeting Agenda for January 17, 2019
  (Press Release)

01-16-2019 PG&E bankruptcy looms, CEO to exit as fire costs dwarf cash
PG&E Corp. said it will file for bankruptcy in California after the cost  of wildfires left it with potential liabilities of $30 billion or more,  gutting its share price and prompting the departure of its chief executive  officer.  The San Francisco-based company said it intends to reorganize under Chapter...  - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

01-16-2019 It's time to talk about radical changes to California's utilities
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Pacific Gas and Electric, the  state’s largest investor-owned power utility, is on the brink of  bankruptcy. On Monday, the company filed a required 15-day notice that it  plans to seek financial protection from as much as $30 billion in damage...  - LA

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