05-22-2019 PoliticsPA: GOP Keeps All 3 State Leg Seats
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05-22-2019 ENGIE Enters Pennsylvania Natural Gas Markets
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05-22-2019 Pennsylvania Republicans retain 3 legislative seats in special elections
Voters have picked Republicans to fill three open seats in the state  Legislature in heavily Republican districts in south-central and western  Pennsylvania...  - AP

05-22-2019 Gov. Tom Wolf at Glen Onoko Falls: ‘I guarantee you, we’ll open this up’ if lawmakers pass my $4.5 billion infrastructure plan
Glen Onoko Falls, one of Pennsylvania’s most beloved and scenic hiking  trails, will remain closed to the public unless lawmakers pass Gov. Tom  Wolf’s $4.5 billion infrastructure plan, officials said Tuesday...  - AP

05-22-2019 Wolf hikes closed trail to pitch $4.5B projects plan
Gov. Tom Wolf stopped by the recently closed Glen Onoko Falls Trail on  Tuesday to tout a proposal that could help address infrastructure needs in  the state.  “It’s a wonderful place to be,” Wolf said from a spot near the  Lehigh River. “It brings lots of people. That river, this trail, bring...  - Wilkes-Barre Citizens' Voice

05-22-2019 Wolf promises money for Glen trail if shale tax passes
Gov. Tom Wolf stood at the base of Glen Onoko Falls trail on Tuesday and  guaranteed that he would reopen the popular hiking spot — if lawmakers  pass his proposed tax on the natural gas industry.  The Pennsylvania Game Commission closed the trail May 1, citing trail...  - Lehighton Times News

05-22-2019 Pennsylvania voters choose Republican state lawmaker to fill open House seat
Republican state Rep. Fred Keller easily beat Penn State professor Marc  Friedenberg (D) in a special election Tuesday in Pennsylvania’s heavily  Republican 12th Congressional District.  The seat was vacated in January by Rep. Tom Marino (R), who left for a job...  - Washington Post

05-22-2019 Here’s why an environmentalist says electric vehicles are the best hope for our climate
Earth Day 2019 was celebrated in Jersey City with an urgent call to action.  Mayor Steven Fulop and members of the Jersey City Council called on the New  Jersey Legislature to pass a bill that would promote clean electric  transportation and establish a statewide charging network. Leading the...  - Trenton Times

05-21-2019 Performance of gas industry outlasting negative party lines
It’s unsafe. It’s an unsustainable fad.  It’s operated by people who don’t care about the environment using  questionable technology. They will ravage our landscape and then leave at  the first better opportunity.  Those were the negative party lines regarding the natural gas industry when...  - Williamsport Sun-Gazette

05-21-2019 Air-quality study finds no health risks from natural gas development
An air-monitoring study aimed at determining any health risks from a  natural gas well site near the Fort Cherry School District campus found gas  development there does not pose acute or chronic health concerns, and  showed no air-quality impacts that would cause potential health concerns....  - Washington Observer-Reporter

05-21-2019 Closing of Three Mile Island is right decision, but now state must plan for future [opinion]
THE ISSUE  Exelon announced May 8 that it will shut down Three Mile Island Nuclear  Generating Station’s Unit 1 reactor, which began operation in 1974, by  Sept. 30. The Dauphin County facility, which was infamously the site of a  partial meltdown of Unit 2 in 1979, has been losing hundreds of millions of...  - Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

05-21-2019 Analysis | The Energy 202: Democrats slammed Biden on climate change. But what would a 'middle ground' even look like?
Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) wrote there is “no 'middle ground' when it comes  to climate policy.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) condemned  politicians seeking “a middle-of-the-road approach to save our  lives.”  Both standard-bearers of the ascendant leftist flank of the 2020 field were...  - Washington Post

05-20-2019 PHAN Statement on Complete Count Commission's Report to the Commonwealth
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05-20-2019 Pa. Should Fund Census Efforts in 2019-20 Budget
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05-20-2019 Commission Discusses 2020 Census
  (Around the Capital)

05-20-2019 States aren’t waiting for the Trump administration on environmental protections
More than a dozen states are moving to strengthen environmental protections  to combat a range of issues from climate change to water pollution, opening  a widening rift between stringent state policies and the Trump  administration’s deregulatory agenda.  In recent months, Hawaii, New York and California have moved to ban a...  - Washington Post

05-20-2019 Montco votes to switch completely to wind energy
NORRISTOWN, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — Montgomery County's government is  doing its part to help the environment.  Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh said a switch to 100 percent  wind energy would cost $24,000 per year, which works out to about 1.5  percent of the county’s electrical costs....  - KYW News Radio 1060

05-20-2019 Pennsylvania’s Census commission asking state to spend $1 per head on the 2020 Census
The group created by Gov. Tom Wolf to ensure that all Pennsylvanians are  counted in the 2020 Census said Monday it is asking the state to pledge $1  in funding for every current resident — or more than $12 million —  for outreach and education.  With so much at stake, Pennsylvania’s Census 2020 Complete Count...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

05-19-2019 Coal still fuels economic fire in Pennsylvania, industry study reports
A new study — conducted by the Allegheny Conference on Community  Development and commissioned by the Pennsylvania Coal Alliance — found  that coal mining accounts for nearly $7 billion in economic activity in the  state, including $4.6 billion directly from mining and $2.27 billion from...  - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

05-19-2019 UGI says bills for some customers will increase beginning June 1
The fuel portion of customers’ UGI Utilities’ bill will be  increasing, as soon as June 1 for most in the Lehigh Valley using natural  gas.  The Pennsylvania natural gas utility said Friday most residential heating  customers in Lehigh and Northampton counties will see a 1.5% hike beginning...  - Allentown Morning Call

05-17-2019 UGI Utilities: Central District Projects Increase in Natural Gas Costs on Dec. 1
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05-17-2019 Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Unanimously Re-Elects Joseph Dougherty to Second...
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05-17-2019 House bill promotes job, infrastructure growth
High on a hill, above the much-anticipated ethylene cracker plant that is  under development, two state representatives discussed “Energize  PA,” a package of bills designed to induce job growth and  infrastructure redevelopment – with no new fees or taxes.  “’Energize PA’ builds on our history – one that is steeped...  - Washington Observer-Reporter

05-17-2019 Pipeline is key issue in Chester County commissioner race
WEST CHESTER — All four of the Democratic candidates running in  Tuesday’s primary for Chester County commissioner have different  experiences and issues they are stressing on the campaign trial.  Whatever those differences are, the candidates agree the county needs a...  - Phoenixville News

05-17-2019 Gas project would extend residential service
UGI took its proposed gas project to Loyalsock Township supervisors Tuesday  night.  If approved, the Growth Extension Tariff gas program would extend  residential service to regions without access. The GET gas program would  make extending the natural gas utility lines to a property more affordable,...  - Williamsport Sun-Gazette

05-16-2019 Wolf calls for passage of severance tax to fund ‘Restore Pennsylvania’ plan, but not all lawmakers are on board
Gov. Tom Wolf was joined by state and local lawmakers Wednesday to advocate  for his “Restore Pennsylvania” plan, a $4.5 billion proposal that  would fund a series of “high-impact” projects through revenue  generated from a severance tax on the extraction of natural gas....  - Pennsylvania Legislative Services

05-16-2019 Gov. Tom Wolf summons army of municipal leaders to show support for his Restore Pa. plan
Gov. Tom Wolf is making a full-court press for his Restore Pennsylvania  plan to borrow $4.5 billion over the next four years to help pay for a  variety of public works projects in communities across the state.  To date, the plan has encountered resistance from business-friendly...  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

05-16-2019 The fight to preserve nuclear energy in PA isn’t over | Opinion
News that Three Mile Island is officially closing is the worst news  I’ve received since I was first elected two and a half years ago.  While I may be a politician, this issue has never been about politics for  me. It has always been about the 675 men and women who work at Three Mile...  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

05-16-2019 New York denies natural gas pipeline expansion permit
ALBANY, N.Y. — State environmental regulators on Wednesday denied a  water quality permit for a 24-mile underwater pipeline from New Jersey to  Queens that backers say is crucial for meeting rising demand for natural  gas in New York City and Long Island.  The Northeast Supply Enhancement project would expand the Transco pipeline,...  - Allentown Morning Call

05-16-2019 State can’t get handle on pipelines
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state legislators in Albany should send a  thank-you note to their counterparts in Pennsylvania for making them look  so wise by comparison.  It seems that every time the New York government comes under fire for  banning pipelines that could carry Pennsylvania natural gas to major...  - Scranton Times

05-16-2019 New York Rejects Keystone-Like Pipeline in Fierce Battle Over the State’s Energy Future
In a major victory for environmental activists, New York regulators on  Wednesday rejected the construction of a heavily disputed, nearly $1  billion natural gas pipeline, even as business leaders and energy companies  warned that the decision could devastate the state’s economy and bring...  - New York Times

05-16-2019 Analysis | The Energy 202: Trump's Interior chief hasn't 'lost any sleep over' new climate record
House Democrats grilled Interior Secretary David Bernhardt about what his  department is doing to address the causes and effects of climate change,  noting that levels of carbon dioxide just hit their highest in human  history.  His response? “I haven’t lost any sleep over it.”...  - Washington Post

05-16-2019 Wolf Still Trying To Sell GOP Lawmakers On Lofty Infrastructure Plan
Since January, Governor Tom Wolf has been traveling around the state  shopping his new infrastructure plan to municipal and county officials.  On Wednesday, he brought dozens of them into the Capitol for a press  conference touting it. Notably missing, however, was most of the Republican...  - WESA 90.5

05-16-2019 Ohio House Democrats walk out on nuclear bailout hearing, citing lack of transparency
A bill that would bail out the state’s two financially struggling  nuclear power plants got a new look Wednesday as Republicans and Democrats  on the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee continue to squabble  over the measure.  Among the changes to HB6 is a provision that would require the...  - Columbus Dispatch

05-16-2019 Allentown backs Gov. Wolf’s infrastructure plan
Allentown leaders have pledged to support Gov. Tom Wolf’s Restore  Pennsylvania initiative to aid public works projects across the state.  City Council Wednesday unanimously approved a resolution stating support of  the governor’s $4.5 billion borrowing plan over 4 years that he...  - Allentown Morning Call

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