11-16-2018 Winter weather causes widespead power outages
Duquesne Light said nearly 15,000 of its customers were without power  Thursday night as a result of the wintry mix passing through the region.  Most of the power outages occurred to the north and northeast of the city,  according to the utility company, but some were as far south as North...  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

11-15-2018 DEP Unveils Recommended Strategies to Increase Solar Energy Development in PA
  (Press Release)

11-15-2018 Climate change action
Recently, I read a letter by Jessica Benham about the effects of climate  change (Oct. 14, “Climate Change Causing Extreme Weather”). I agree  not only with the statement that climate change has tremendously affected  us, but also with the statement that more efforts must be executed to...  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

11-15-2018 Dozens plead with Trump administration to keep air rules
Dozens of people who live near oil and gas wells pleaded with the Trump  administration Wednesday not to roll back rules for methane pollution,  while industry representatives said the changes should go further...  - AP

11-15-2018 Save energy in kitchen this holiday season
A line from the song “Deck the Halls” is often repeated around this  time, which is “ ’Tis the season to be jolly.”  We know so much of that joviality revolves around family time, cooking and,  of course, eating. It’s no wonder by January that gyms are packed with...  - Pottsville Republican and Evening Herald

11-15-2018 California Utility Customers May Be on Hook for Billions in Wildfire Damage
As wildfires ravage large swaths of California for a second year, one of  the state’s biggest utilities has declared that it faces billions of  dollars in potential liability — far more than its insurance would  cover.  The potential losses could leave the company’s customers on the hook to...  - New York Times

11-15-2018 Part of the Answer to Climate Change May Be America’s Trees and Dirt, Scientists Say
When people think of potential solutions to global warming, they tend to  visualize technologies like solar panels or electric cars. A new study  published on Wednesday, however, found that better management of forests,  grasslands and soils in the United States could offset as much as 21...  - New York Times

11-15-2018 City plans to help with trees
The gripes may have borne fruit.  The city plans to all­o­cate about $31,000 in Community Development  Block Grant money to help qualifying residents — many on Seventh and  Eighth streets — comply with a recent, unpopular order to trim or fell  trees that are interfering with Amtran’s new, taller Compressed Natural...  - Altoona Mirror

11-14-2018 PUC Commissioner Norman Kennard To Address Nov. 16th 'Be Utility Wise'...
  (Press Release)

11-14-2018 Pipeline risk assessment pondered
UWCHLAN — Will the Sunoco Mariner East 2 pipeline be safe?  After hearing the results from a public/privately funded pipeline-related  quantitative risk analysis, supervisors voted unanimously to send letters  to PEMA and Chester County urging an update of the pipeline emergency...  - West Chester Daily Local News

11-13-2018 UGI Reports Record Fiscal 2018 Results
  (Press Release)

11-13-2018 Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) Tentative Agenda for 11/15/18
  (Press Release)

11-13-2018 FirstEnergy Partners with PA PUC to Recruit Veterans to Utility Industry
  (Press Release)

11-13-2018 PPL Electric Utilities, GE Power Collaborating on Distributed Energy...
  (Press Release)

11-13-2018 Stateline Daily: Environmentalists Say the Time to Act on Climate Is Now...
  (Press Release)

11-13-2018 Public service or PR? Transource plants 600 trees
The energy company that wants to plant 135-foot-tall electric transmission  monopoles through Franklin and York counties is planting seedlings in the  two counties.  Volunteers and partners with Transource Energy recently planted 600  seedlings along the East Branch of Codorus Creek in Spring Valley Park,...  - Chambersburg Public Opinion

11-13-2018 Clean Energy Is Surging, but Not Fast Enough to Solve Global Warming
Over the next two decades, the world’s energy system will undergo a  huge transformation. Wind and solar power are poised to become dominant  sources of electricity. China’s once-relentless appetite for coal is  set to wane. The amount of oil we use to fuel our cars could peak and...  - New York Times

11-13-2018 'Prepare Now' urges utilities to help consumers with winter energy bills
Seal your home  Air leaks are commonly found around plumbing and wiring, windows and doors,  and where the walls meet ceilings. A quarter-inch gap at the base of a  yard-wide exterior door leaks as much air as a three-inch hole in the wall  of your home.  Weather-strip all doors and windows, or install storm windows and doors....  - Milford Pike County Courier

11-13-2018 PPL, GE collaborating on better power grid management
The power grid is evolving speedily, with advances in solar generation,  energy efficiency, electric vehicles and more.  It’s a reason PPL Electric Utilities said Tuesday it has entered into  an agreement with a General Electric division to develop and test software...  - Allentown Morning Call

11-12-2018 The Wheels on These Buses Go Round and Round With Zero Emissions
WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — “Some of the kids call it the singing  bus,” said Juliessa Diclo Cruz, 10, as she rode in back of one of New  York State’s first-ever electric school buses on a chilly October  morning.  It was easy to see why. The rumbling diesel engines on conventional yellow...  - New York Times

11-12-2018 Environmentalists Say the Time to Act on Climate Is Now. Voters Aren’t So Sure.
Although numerous left-leaning measures found success at the ballot box  last week, many voters said "no thank you" to policies that could curb  climate change.  Washington state, for the second election cycle in a row, rejected putting  a price on carbon emissions. Arizonans won't require utilities to get half...  - Stateline.org

11-11-2018 Letter to the editor: Gas power plants fuel economy
Record natural gas production in Pennsylvania is driving incredible  investments, especially in natural gas power generation projects. A recent  report from Energy In Depth detailed how 16 different natural gas power  generation projects are under development or are in operation now, because...  - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

11-11-2018 Trump says he's not firing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, for now
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and his boss, President Trump, moved Friday  to tamp down talk that Zinke might be the next Trump administration  official to go...  - AP

11-11-2018 Solar, water sources help Derry Township clan bypass power grid
The Urcheks aren’t living completely off the grid. But they’re  getting there.  Late family patriarch Pete Urchek started the trend decades ago when he  combined old and new technologies for an independent power supply for his  farmhouse on Gray Station Road in Derry Township....  - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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