03-20-2019 Along the Susquehanna, Three Mile Island’s towers remain a constant reminder of the 1979 disaster
Three Mile Island’s cooling towers stood like ivory rooks, silhouetted  against the drab gray of February on a recent afternoon in Dauphin County.  The towers were airbrushed on the doors of Londonderry Township’s fire  trucks, a hopeful image, with all four billowing plumes into the sky above...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

03-20-2019 Federal appeals court issues stay halting PennEast pipeline project
A federal appeals court has granted New Jersey a stay, halting construction  of the PennEast natural gas pipeline while it resolves issues surrounding  the company’s attempt to take property in which the state has an  interest.  The Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued the order Tuesday in an...  - Allentown Morning Call

03-20-2019 A Three Mile Island evacuation today? It would be a “crawl”
If a disaster at Three Mile Island requires an evacuation, those driving  out of town may not be going much faster than three miles per hour.  When the Three Mile Island accident occurred in 1979, highways were choked  with traffic as people desperately tried to leave. About 144,000 people...  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

03-20-2019 Rally held over Mariner East II pipeline concerns
Residents from around the state have reported issues and concerns with the  Sunoco Pipeline’s Mariner East II pipeline project, and on Tuesday,  many of them gathered at the state Capitol.  About 50 people took part in the Citizens Pipeline Rally over their safety,...  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

03-20-2019 Recent gas line work on Mifflin Avenue part of broader UGI project in downtown Scranton
SCRANTON — Work that has closed the 300 block of Mifflin Avenue over  the last few days is part of a larger UGI Utilities project that will see  3,200 feet of gas main replaced in the city’s downtown.  Crews will replace old pipes with newer ones on Penn Avenue and several...  - Scranton Times

03-20-2019 Groundwater pollutants at former Hatfield's Ferry Power Station cited in environmental report
A study released by an environmental nonprofit listed the former  Hatfield’s Ferry Power Station as having had pollutants exceeding safe  levels, making a list of more than 250 coal plants and offsite coal ash  landfills found to have contaminated groundwater.  The Washington, D.C,.-based Environmental Integrity Project, in...  - Washington Observer-Reporter

03-20-2019 State lawmakers call for expanded natural gas pipeline network
HARRISBURG — A group of bipartisan state legislators on Tuesday stood  in solidarity with the oil and gas industry in promoting more pipeline  development in the wake of Pennsylvania’s attorney general last week  opening an investigation into the Mariner East II pipeline....  - Beaver County Times

03-20-2019 Baker’s hearing delayed, but legislators press forward on pipeline safety concerns
Cumberland County residents’ day in court over safety concerns with  Sunoco’s Mariner East pipelines has been delayed, but it could be  bolstered by a rush of activity from state legislators and investigatory  agencies.  Lower Frankford Township homeowner Wilmer Baker, who filed his case last...  - Carlisle Sentinel

03-20-2019 Anti-pipeline rally: 'How will we know when to run for our lives?'
HARRISBURG—Demonstrators filled the Capitol Rotunda with signs, chants  and speeches Tuesday morning in a bid to stop the Sunoco/ET Mariner East  Pipeline project.  The “Safety Over Sunoco” (SOS) demonstration came just hours after  the pipeline builder had restarted drilling along several locations of the...  - West Chester Daily Local News

03-19-2019 Sen. Muth to Introduce Pipeline Safety Legislation
  (Press Release)

03-19-2019 Lawmakers, Industry Leaders Voice Support for Pipeline Development
  (Press Release)

03-19-2019 PUC: Pipeline Safety Investigation Underway Involving Sunoco Pipeline Located...
  (Press Release)

03-19-2019 Legislators Discuss Pipeline Safety Initatives
  (Around the Capital)

03-19-2019 Lawmakers Support Pipeline Development
  (Around the Capital)

03-19-2019 Safety Over Sunoco (SOS) Rally
  (Around the Capital)

03-19-2019 Legislators Discuss Pipeline Safety Initiatives
  (Around the Capital)

03-19-2019 Lafayette becomes first Lehigh Valley college to pledge 'carbon neutrality'
At Lafayette College’s 80-acre Metzgar Fields athletic complex in Forks  Township, the sports fields will eventually share space with solar arrays  that harness the power of the sun to create electricity for the facilities  there.  That’s just one of the highly visible goals outlined in a new climate...  - Allentown Morning Call

03-19-2019 Paul Muschick: We deserve assurances that door-to-door electricity sellers aren't rapists
State officials made the right call last week to increase the fine against  an electricity supplier accused of failing to check the criminal  backgrounds of sales staff before sending them knocking on doors.  The $52,700 fine against Vista Energy Marketing still isn’t enough, in...  - Allentown Morning Call

03-19-2019 Save Three Mile Island? What a difference 40 years makes
Save Three Mile Island?  It’s an almost incomprehensible notion to people of a certain age in  Central Pennsylvania who - for several days in 1979 - worried the nuclear  power station on the Susquehanna River was a ticking time bomb poised to  destroy the world as they knew it....  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

03-19-2019 Can Pennsylvania’s energy market survive without Three Mile Island?
The owners of two of Pennsylvania’s five nuclear power stations have  announced plans to take facilities off line before their planned retirement  dates if state officials don’t move forward with a proposed subsidy  that would effectively recognize the plants’ status as a zero-emissions...  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

03-19-2019 Pipeline safety probe underway involving Sunoco pipeline in Berks County
HARRISBURG—In response to reports of a possible pipeline leak in Berks  County, a safety investigation is underway involving the Bureau of  Investigation & Enforcement (I&E) – the independent investigation and  enforcement bureau of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC)....  - Pottstown Mercury

03-19-2019 Who's afraid of FirstEnergy Solutions' restructuring plan? Every government agency that has seen it
A power generator’s plan to restructure its business after a year-long  bankruptcy isn’t sitting right with a long list of federal and state  government agencies.  The restructuring plan for FirstEnergy Solutions, the bankrupt subsidiary  of FirstEnergy Corp., involves cutting virtually all ties with its Akron,...  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

03-18-2019 Coming to terms with term limits in Pennsylvania’s legislature | John Baer
Don’t shake your head and mutter “no way, no how, not here, not  ever.” Consider this. Pennsylvania’s legislature is changing.  There’s a new and different term-limits proposal. Together, that  presents opportunity.  Term limits are among many reforms needed to make Pennsylvania’s...  - Philadelphia Daily News

03-18-2019 What will become of Three Mile Island's nuclear waste if the plant closes?
THREE MILE ISLAND's short-term survival currently rests with Harrisburg  lawmakers and lobbyists but the storied nuclear power plant’s ultimate  fate is already known:  It will eventually be decommissioned and, for now at least, its radioactive  waste will be stored on site for years to come....  - Harrisburg Patriot-News

03-18-2019 Sheetz installs superchargers
Sheetz is continuing its efforts to become a bigger player in the electric  vehicle industry.  The Altoona-based convenience store chain recently completed the  installation of eight Tesla Supercharger stations at its 17th Street and  Pleasant Valley Boulevard location....  - Altoona Mirror

03-18-2019 Berks lawmakers react to bill seeking to save nuclear power in Pennsylvania
This month marks the 40th anniversary of the partial nuclear meltdown at  Three Mile Island. The March 28, 1979, incident resulted in many safety  upgrades but the industry survived. Today, the industry says it is facing a  new crisis, this time a financial one....  - Reading Eagle

03-18-2019 Natural gas pipelines are here, but are they helping central Pennsylvania's economy?
When two companies finalized plans to build natural gas-related pipelines  through the heart of central Pennsylvania, it raised a classic public  policy conundrum: which is more important, economic benefits or  environmental risk?  Since then, most debate has focused on whether the pipelines imperiled the...  - Lebanon Daily News

03-18-2019 Paul Muschick: We deserve assurances that door-to-door electricity sellers aren't rapists
State officials made the right call last week to increase the fine against  an electricity supplier accused of failing to check the criminal  backgrounds of sales staff before sending them knocking on doors.  The $52,700 fine against Vista Energy Marketing still isn’t enough, in...  - Allentown Morning Call

03-17-2019 Debate over nuclear power hits home in rural Pennsylvania
The question of whether to rescue Pennsylvania’s nuclear power plants  could dominate debate in the state Capitol this spring, and that’s of  keen interest to hundreds of thousands of rural electric cooperative  members...  - AP

03-17-2019 Are these tiny, ‘inherently safe’ nuclear reactors the path to a carbon-free future?
In the six decades since the Shippingport Atomic Power Station near  Pittsburgh began operating as the nation’s first commercial nuclear  reactor, the industry has built ever larger plants to improve the economies  of scale. A typical commercial reactor now produces about 20 times as much...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

03-17-2019 Three Mile Island accident was eerily foreshadowed by a Hollywood blockbuster days before
The timing couldn’t have been more chilling.  Less than two weeks before the accident at Three Mile Island in 1979, a  Hollywood thriller depicting the frightening scenario of a disaster at a  nuclear plant started playing in theaters nationwide.  “The China Syndrome,” starring Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon and Michael...  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

03-17-2019 Three Mile Island nuclear accident: the ultimate out-of-body experience
After 40 years, memories start to fray around the edges and things that  once were perfectly clear take on a muddy haze.  And while all the events of what should have been a normal spring morning  in March of 1979 no longer are crystal clear, some remain indelibly etched....  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

03-17-2019 Remembering the Three Mile Island accident: Concern, confusion and chaos
One week after the accident at Three Mile Island, I wrote an “Open  Letter from Harrisburg” in to friends and family and “anyone else  who might care” on behalf of central Pennsylvanians.  Forty years later, I'll explore the emotions and attitudes of March 1979...  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

03-17-2019 ‘Go to Three Mile Island and camp there’: New reporter gets career lessons from nuclear plant accident
“Go to Three Mile Island and camp there.’’  Forty years later, those words, as those often have since that day, make me  laugh. It didn’t seem so funny at the time, however.  Only 15 months into what would be a 31-year career with The Patriot-News,  and just 24 years old, I was still testing the waters and figuratively...  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

03-17-2019 Pass a severance tax to fund infrastructure in Pa.
At the end of last summer, a series of unrelenting storms swept through  south-central Pennsylvania causing repeated, devastating flooding.  Every time the water receded, another storm emerged, dumping more rain and  swelling waterways across roads and into houses, businesses and farmlands....  - Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

03-17-2019 Nuclear power will become dominant
Clean, safe, inexpensive and abundant energy is crucial to the progress of  civilization. Nuclear energy is an important contributor today and will  become much more prevalent in the future.  Unfortunately, the nuclear power industry has gotten off to a somewhat...  - Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

03-15-2019 Pennsylvania slaps hefty fine on energy firm for employing rapist as door-to-door salesman in Bucks
State utility regulators on Thursday fined an electric generation supplier  $52,700 for failing to conduct criminal background checks on its  door-to-door sales people after Bensalem police in 2017 charged a salesman  with rape.  The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission launched an investigation of...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

03-15-2019 It’s time to shut down TMI | PennLive Letters
It’s time to shut down TMI. Why would we want to spend millions of  dollars a year to subsidize a plant that came close to causing central  Pennsylvania to be uninhabitable?  So, let’s think about future uses for TMI. What a unique and valuable  tourist attraction it could become! It has major historical significance....  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

03-15-2019 Nuclear industry seeks fewer inspections at plants
WASHINGTON — The nuclear power industry is pushing the Nuclear  Regulatory Commission to cut back on inspections at nuclear power plants  and throttle back what it tells the public about plant problems. The  agency, whose board is dominated by Trump appointees, is listening...  - AP

03-14-2019 PUC Approves Duquesne Light Filing for Third-Party Electric Vehicle Charging...
  (Press Release)

03-14-2019 PUC Proposes Enhanced Penalties in Door-to-Door Energy Sales Case Involving...
  (Press Release)

03-14-2019 Senators Haywood, Killion and Santarsiero Offer Bipartisan Bill to Modernize...
  (Press Release)

03-14-2019 Clean Power PA Coalition Applauds Legislation to Modernize Commonwealth's...
  (Press Release)

03-14-2019 First came Trump. Then Sunoco’s Mariner East pipeline mess. No wonder Republicans are scared. | Maria Panaritis
A funny thing is happening — sad, maybe, if you’re a Republican,  amusing if you’re a crusty spectator of politics — ever since  Democrats began wiping out Republicans in one suburban Philadelphia  election after another following President Donald Trump’s victory in...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

03-14-2019 PPL brings electrical safety to forefront for Allentown students
PPL Electric Utilities deals with major storms, downed wires and concerns  about cyberattacks among damaging influences to the power grid.  On Wednesday, students at Luis A. Ramos Elementary School learned about  other enemies, with names such as “Ooot Blatu” and “The...  - Allentown Morning Call

03-14-2019 Changes force Summerhill officials to juggle electricity bill-paying
SUMMERHILL – The pending retirement of Summerhill Borough’s  electricity secretary and the closing of a local bank branch that handled  electric bill payments has borough leaders exploring options.  Summerhill is among 35 Pennsylvania boroughs that own and operate electric...  - Johnstown Tribune-Democrat

03-14-2019 New inquiry announced
An announcement from the state Attorney General’s office Tuesday was  made in response to growing concerns regarding the potential negative  impacts of the continuing work on the Mariner East 2 pipeline, also known  as the Pennsylvania Pipeline Project.  - Huntingdon Daily News

03-14-2019 Nuclear Watchdog Group, Citing Potential Safety Issue At Three Mile Island, Wants Investigation
The nuclear watchdog group Three Mile Island Alert is asking federal  regulators to analyze what the group calls a “potentially dangerous and  risky condition” with new steam generator tubes at Exelon’s Three  Mile Island power plant near Harrisburg.  On Monday, Three Mile Island Alert’s Scott Portzline sent a petition...  - WESA 90.5

03-14-2019 State regulators slap largest fine in background-check case against energy marketer
Energy supplier Vista Energy Marketing faces a record fine for hiring  door-to-door salespeople without criminal background checks in a case  stemming from a Bucks County rape.  The state Public Utility Commission voted 5-0 Thursday for a  “modified” settlement between its Bureau of Investigation &...  - Allentown Morning Call

03-14-2019 Readers React: Nuclear power is a dangerous and unreliable technology
While many states are phasing out their nuclear power plants, Pennsylvania  is considering the issue of subsidizing nuclear power plants located in  this state. A while back I asked my close relative, a nuclear physicist at  Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in California, whether nuclear power plants...  - Allentown Morning Call

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