09-25-2017 Report: Lower emissions rules needed
The state is going to require much steeper reductions in greenhouse-gas  emissions to reach a goal to lower carbon pollution to 1990 levels by 2050,  according to a new report by researchers at the Rutgers Climate Institute.  A decade after New Jersey enacted the Global Warming Response Act, the...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

09-25-2017 She's one angry state rep
Kate Harper is not happy.  Not with the legislature. Not with its leaders. Not with Gov. Wolf. Not  with me.  So I get this long email, subject-lined, “You missed the  story.”Harper is a Montgomery County House Republican, a 17-year  incumbent, previously a decade-plus Lower Gwynedd Township supervisor, so...  - Philadelphia Daily News

09-25-2017 In a revenue hole, Pa. lawmakers keep digging | Turkeys and Trophies
Pennsylvania's budget crisis, 12 weeks and counting, is having real-life  consequences. A week ago Gov. Tom Wolf announced that, absent a spending  bill to fill a $2.2 billion deficit, the state will hold off on paying $1.7  billion to school districts and Medicaid insurers. On Wednesday, Standard...  - Easton Express-Times

09-25-2017 County, public remained in dark about big methane leak
One night in early September, a critical piece of natural gas  infrastructure temporarily blew its stack...  - AP

09-24-2017 Downtown work projects disrupt traffic and impede parking
Foot traffic drops noticeably at Downtown Deli when road and utility work  outside the popular Scranton lunch spot squeezes the street to one lane.  That has happened often this summer as PPL Electric Utilities crews replace  nearly 2 miles of underground cable and upgrade transformers and other...  - Scranton Times

09-24-2017 Wind farms in Ohio pit environmentalists against some neighbors tired of noise, view
PAYNE, Ohio — From the ground, the narrow aluminum ladder might as well  extend to infinity. Actual height: 290 feet.  A Dispatch videographer straps on a protective harness, hard hat and safety  glasses, joined by two employees of the farm’s operator, EDP  Renewables. They are about to climb inside one of 55 wind turbines at...  - Columbus Dispatch

09-24-2017 Squirrel leaves 2,000 without power
Close to 2,000 people were left without power this morning in one York  County town, but crews have already identified the culprit.  A squirrel.  About 1,960 electric customers in the Hanover area were left without power  around 7:30 a.m. in an outage caused by a squirrel, The Evening Sun is...  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

09-24-2017 Power outage in the Hanover area, caused by squirrel
Parts of the Hanover area was reported without power Sunday at about 7:30  a.m., according to First Energy Spokesman Ron Morano.  The outage has affected 1,960 customers and 667 customers are still  currently without power, Morano said.  He said it seems that the outage was caused by a squirrel....  - Hanover Evening Sun

09-22-2017 Three Mile Island fights once again for its nuclear survival
MIDDLETOWN — Workers are setting the groundwork at Three Mile Island  for a maintenance outage this month to replenish Unit 1’s uranium core,  an elaborately choreographed event that requires 1,500 contract workers and  injects millions of dollars into the local economy....  - Allentown Morning Call

09-22-2017 First Energy must make environmental improvements to Hatfield’s Ferry landfill
MASONTOWN – First Energy Corp. must make environmental improvements to  the coal ash landfill at its shuttered Hatfield’s Ferry Power Station  in Greene County and begin closing portions of the site following a  settlement reached last week with the Sierra Club....  - Washington Observer-Reporter

09-22-2017 Local officials, lawmakers tour Geisinger energy plant
DANVILLE — Since Pennsylvania’s Act 129 was passed into law in  2010, PPL Electric Utilities has provided over $1.1 million in funds to the  Geisinger Health System to enact energy-efficiency upgrades.  Those statistics were highlighted Thursday by officials from the Keystone...  - Milton Standard

09-21-2017 Messy and messier: The state budget standoff is a debacle as usual
Messy and messier: The state budget standoff is a debacle as usual  The initial impact of the state’s 2-month-old budget standoff landed  Friday, when Gov. Tom Wolf froze about $1.2 billion in Medicaid payments to  insurers who cover the state’s poor and vulnerable. Insurers said they...  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

09-21-2017 Tyrone to seek funding for anaerobic digester
TYRONE — Borough Council will begin looking for money to construct an  anaerobic digester for sewer sludge and other organics.  Council made the decision on the recommendation of Borough Manager Ardean  Latchford, who visited a Quasar Energy Corp. digester in the Cleveland area...  - Altoona Mirror

09-21-2017 PPL Electric Utilities seeks diversity-led firms that want to be PPL suppliers
PPL Electric Utilities is inviting leaders of diversity-owned businesses  who’d like to become PPL suppliers to a meeting in November.  The free event will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 17, at  PPL Conference Center at Walbert, 1639 Church Road, Allentown....  - Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

09-21-2017 'Stop Transource' gears up to protest power line
QUINCY TOWNSHIP - People from across Franklin County are hoping to find  ways to challenge a project that threatens full use of their properties and  the community landscape.  About 250 people – from the owners of preserved farmland to homeowners  at the Penn National golf course community – squeezed into the Quincy...  - Chambersburg Public Opinion

09-21-2017 How Can U.S. States Fight Climate Change if Trump Quits the Paris Accord?
In the months since President Trump declared that the United States would  withdraw from the Paris climate deal, 14 state governors have vowed to  continue upholding the agreement and press ahead with policies to fight  global warming.  But a key question has always lingered: How much can these states really do...  - New York Times

09-20-2017 PA Public Utility Commission Meeting Agenda for September 21, 2017
  (Press Release)

09-20-2017 Leach Joins Overwhelming Bipartisan Senate Majority in Rejecting PA House GOP...
  (Press Release)

09-20-2017 Senate Leaders -PA Budget Compromise Crucial Following State's Credit Downgrade
  (Press Release)

09-20-2017 PJM Conference on Grid Resilience Explores New Challenges to Grid Security
  (Press Release)

09-20-2017 PA Budget and Policy Center: Statement: On the Pennsylvania Credit Downgrade
  (Press Release)

09-20-2017 Bullock to join PECO to announce Pa. Solar for All legislation
  (Press Release)

09-20-2017 Do your jobs and fix the state budget mess
Do your jobs and fix the state budget mess  The Sept. 16 headline “Wolf Follows Through on Promise to Curtail  Spending, Freezes $1.2 Billion in Medicaid Funds” was the last straw  for me. The inability of our state representatives and governor to work  together to fulfill their obligations to the people they represent is...  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

09-20-2017 Bailout for nukes? Not in this lifetime.
With little fanfare and no protests, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission  last week began removing the emergency call boxes that have been part of  the landscape of the toll road since 1988.  The commission says the bright-yellow boxes, set at one-mile intervals...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

09-20-2017 Senators question whether Dragonfly hacks hit Maryland power companies
Responding to reports of an effort to hack into U.S. power companies, Sens.  Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen are asking the Department of Homeland  Security whether any firms in Maryland were hit.  In a letter to acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke, the two...  - Baltimore Sun

09-20-2017 From oil refineries to solar plants, unions bend California climate change policies in their favor
No contour of California’s vast landscape inspires such passionate  devotion as its coastline, so state lawmakers recoiled when President Trump  announced in April that he wanted to expand offshore drilling. The outrage  was channeled into a proposal for preventing any new infrastructure along...  - Los Angeles Times

09-20-2017 Pennsylvania's broken budgeting process needs fixing, and fast
THE ISSUE  Three months after the start of the fiscal year, Pennsylvania lawmakers are  still trying to find a way to pay for the $32 billion budget passed by the  Legislature in July. There is currently a $2.2 billion gap in the proposed  budget. Late last week, Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, announced that...  - Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

09-20-2017 Pa. budget impasse leads to credit downgrade
HARRISBURG – As the budget deadlock in the Capitol drags on, a credit  rating agency on Wednesday delivered a hard fiscal punch to Pennsylvania: a  credit downgrade.  Standard & Poor’s lowered Pennsylvania’s bond rating a notch,  citing the state’s out-of-balance budget, its more than $2 billion...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

09-19-2017 PEIA: With Hurricane Disruptions, Now Is the Time to Expand Energy...
  (Press Release)

09-19-2017 Carbondale aims for paving help
CARBONDALE — The city hopes a UGI Utilities project will improve  deteriorating roads at a time when Mayor Justin Taylor envisions another  tight budget in 2018 that won’t have room for paving.  City council agreed Monday to waive Carbondale’s fees for the utility...  - Scranton Times

09-19-2017 Companies need to look into cyberinsurance
Cybercrime is a hot topic these days, especially with the recent  announcement that the credit monitoring company Equifax was the target of a  hack that exposed sensitive information on about 143 million Americans.The  data could be used by criminals to hijack identities of people whose...  - Reading Eagle

09-19-2017 Equifax breach prompts Congress to consider making all credit freezes free
The clamor over consumers having to pay to freeze their credit after the  Equifax data breach has prompted legislation in Washington that would make  credit freezes, and temporary lifts, free for everyone all of the time.  The Senate legislation, titled the Freedom from Equifax Exploitation Act,...  - Allentown Morning Call

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