09-24-2018 UGI monitors Valley natural gas lines for anomalies 24 hours a day
UGI Utilities has an around-the-clock team ready to respond to any customer  complaint about a potential leak.  Company spokesman Joe Swope said UGI received a few calls of concern from  customers following the Sept. 13 gas explosions that killed one person and...  - Sunbury Daily Item

09-24-2018 If California wants to go carbon-free, it needs to end its nuclear moratorium
A new state law signed this month, SB100, requires all of California’s  electricity to come from zero-carbon sources by 2045. Many news reports  advertised the law as a mandate for renewable energy, but lawmakers in  Sacramento quietly acknowledged that the state may need more than wind...  - Los Angeles Times

09-24-2018 How Pa. leaders can help prevent another major gas pipeline explosion | Opinion
Residents of Ivy Lane in Center Township in Beaver County, Pa., awoke on  Sept. 10 to a deafening boom and fireball that lit up the dawn sky.  ANDREW WILLIAMS HEADSHOT ART.jpgAndrew Williams (Environmental Defense Fund  photo)  A natural gas pipeline owned by Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) - the Sunoco...  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

09-23-2018 Industry goes after methane
On energy issues, the Trump administration has established a pattern of  contradicting the marketplace.  It has proposed subsidies to prop up the coal and nuclear power industries  even as abundant natural gas continues to displace those fuels in the  marketplace, and as the price of power from renewable sources including...  - Scranton Times

09-21-2018 PUC Launches Enhanced #UtilityCareers Campaign; Chairman Brown Joins State...
  (Press Release)

09-21-2018 Philadelphia Gas Works Seeks Approval for P3 Project to Unlock LNG Revenue...
  (Press Release)

09-21-2018 Phila. Gas Works proposes LNG venture with a private partner
After years of fits and starts, Philadelphia Gas Works is moving forward  yet again to get a liquefied gas facility off the ground.  PGW announced Thursday that it has signed a deal with a private partner to  build a new LNG facility at its Passyunk Plant. LNG is a liquid form of...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

09-21-2018 Reveal gas lines
As the natural gas business has matured in Pennsylvania, developing  pipelines to get the gas to market has become the most controversial part  of the enterprise. Multiple lawsuits have been filed in state and federal  courts and some industry patrons in the Legislature have introduced a bill...  - Scranton Times

09-21-2018 Natural gas industry consumer, business numbers impressive
The natural gas industry is an easy whipping boy for a wide variety of  opponents who have varying beliefs that put them in conflict with the  industry.  And to the extent that the opposition holds the natural gas industry’s  feet to the fire regarding environmental issues related to the production...  - Williamsport Sun-Gazette

09-20-2018 PUC Releases Management Efficiency Investigation Report for Phila. Gas Works
  (Press Release)

09-20-2018 PUC Resolves Dispute Involving Valve Station for Sunoco Pipeline's Mariner...
  (Press Release)

09-20-2018 PUC Takes Conditional Action on Merger of UGI Penn Natural Gas & UGI Central...
  (Press Release)

09-20-2018 PUC Creates New Office of Cybersecurity Compliance and Oversight, Appoints...
  (Press Release)

09-20-2018 Judge rejects FirstEnergy's bonus retention plan for nuke plant workers
A bankruptcy judge has rejected a FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co. plan  that would have paid bonuses to nearly 1,000 nuclear power plant employees.  A bankruptcy judge has rejected a FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co. plan  that would have paid bonuses to nearly 1,000 nuclear power plant employees....  - Beaver County Times

09-20-2018 Franklin County landowners speak out against Transource power lines
CHAMBERSBURG - Even as hundreds of residents protested the proposed high  voltage transmission lines at hearings held by the Public Utility  Commission (PUC) on Tuesday in New Franklin’s Social Hall, dozens of  teams of cross country runners from all over the region participated in a...  - Chambersburg Public Opinion

09-19-2018 PA Public Utility Commission Meeting Agenda for September 20, 2018
  (Press Release)

09-19-2018 Only 11 percent of Pa.'s gas pipelines are mapped for the public
Last week, a pipeline exploded in Beaver County, destroying one home and  forcing dozens of people to evacuate. And much like the majority of natural  gas pipelines in Pennsylvania, a map of it was not readily available to the  public, according to reports from WESA....  - York Daily

09-18-2018 Long held as oldest in US, New Jersey nuclear plant closes
LACEY TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) - A nuclear power plant long considered to be the  oldest in America shut down Monday, the victim of its age and inability to  compete with newer, cheaper gas-fired power plants...  - AP

09-18-2018 NJ offshore wind industry picks up a tailwind from Gov. Murphy
The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities on Monday formally requested  applications from suppliers of 1,100 megawatts of offshore wind-power  capacity, advancing Gov. Murphy's promise to restart the market for the  renewable energy source.  The BPU's action sets a Dec. 28 deadline for developers to submit...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

09-18-2018 Solar energy potential studied for Antrim Twp.
Communities plan for water, sewer and roads, but it is equally important to  plan for power, according to Antrim Township resident Connie Slye.  Slye is interested in alternative energy and has been active in supplying  information to Antrim Township supervisors with the goal of developing an...  - Greencastle Echo Pilot

09-18-2018 Gas pipeline pressure before Mass. explosions was 12 times too high
BOSTON — The pressure in natural gas pipelines prior to a series of  explosions and fires in Massachusetts last week was 12 times higher than it  should have been, according to a letter from the state’s U.S. senators  to executives of the utility in charge of the pipelines....  - AP

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