06-26-2017 Pittsburgh to introduce all-electric cars to city fleet
The first all-electric cars bought by the City of Pittsburgh should roll  into town within weeks, an early step toward dropping all gasoline- and  diesel-fueled vehicles from the city fleet.  Two electric Ford Focuses will join the pool as early as July — and two...  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

06-26-2017 These three, commonsense steps would close Pa's budget hole: Madeleine Dean
By Madeleine Dean  Less than a week remains until Pennsylvania's June 30 budget deadline, and  details of the negotiations are few.  State Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-Montgomery (Pa. House photo)  State Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-Montgomery (Pa. House photo)  So in the quiet, here is a basic understanding of where we are, along with...  - Harrisburg Patriot-News

06-26-2017 Account for nuclear waste
Faced with unfavorable economic conditions rooted in competition from  natural gas, many utilities with nuclear power plants have raised the  prospect of closing dozens of them over the next several years.  Doing so would have significant consequences for the economy, power grids...  - Pottsville Republican and Evening Herald

06-25-2017 Legislators should rectify inequities regarding municipalities and power
Regarding “Ellwood City Electric Bills Spark Municipal Power Company  Fight” (June 18): Pennsylvania’s municipal power providers  certainly need to match their rates more closely to the cost of generating  and distributing electricity, rather than the “from each according to...  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

06-25-2017 Budget crunch time in Pa.: Better ideas
With the 2017-18 budget's June 30 deadline looming in Harrisburg, what The  Associated Press calls growing expectations of a “get-out-of-town  budget” don't bode well for avoiding repeating 2016-17 budget pitfalls,  or for taxpayers.  As the Commonwealth Foundation says, the 2016-17 budget “was never...  - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

06-25-2017 Gas company fix stops noise in Penn Hills
A natural gas utility said it has stopped noise from coming from a  17-year-old natural gas regulator station off Saltsburg Road in Penn Hills,  although a permanent repair had yet to happen as of Friday.  Peoples Gas Co. spokesperson Jacqueline Ziemianski said Friday that a new...  - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

06-25-2017 PA's GOP-controlled legislature is stuck in budget La La Land
Has Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled legislature slipped into in a  nether world where it no longer is required to balance the state budget?  That could explain some of its lazy ideas to close a $1.5 billion deficit.  Maybe lawmakers had already checked out when they suggested the state...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

06-25-2017 Account for nuke waste
Faced with unfavorable economic conditions rooted in competition from  natural gas, many utilities with nuclear power plants have raised the  prospect of closing dozens of them over the next several years.  Doing so would have significant consequences for the economy and power...  - Scranton Times

06-25-2017 Lawmakers eye gambling revenue, borrowing to balance budget
State legislators will spend the week trying to figure out how they will  raise new revenue and close a $1.5 billion deficit before the start of the  new fiscal year.  Pennsylvania lawmakers have roughly a week to agree on a state budget for  the 2017-18 fiscal year, which starts Saturday, and so far no consensus on...  - Erie Times-News

06-25-2017 Cigarettes, gambling and jobs: What you need to know about Pa.'s budget deadline talks
OK Pennsylvania. You did your part to pay for prisons, state universities,  a safety net for the poor, that state trooper who just clocked your speed  on the interstate.  Now, it's up to your elected representatives to decide how to spend all  that largesse, re: your tax dollars. And in some cases, raise some more....  - Harrisburg Patriot-News

06-23-2017 Bridgeville-based Solar Maid battles squirrels, pigeons and moss as its panels cover more terrain
Jay Welsh, the founder of Solar Maid, was cleaning a pool in Florida when a  customer asked him to take a look at the home’s rooftop solar panels.  “There was a thick film of moss over the entire panel, which was a  reason why they weren’t working,” Mr. Welsh said. “And it was...  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

06-23-2017 First-of-Its-kind clean coal plant may not burn coal at all
A first-of-its-kind “clean coal” power plant that utility owner  Southern Co. has spent years constructing in Mississippi may end up burning  no coal at all -- and instead just run like a natural gas generator.  After years of delays and billions of dollars in cost overruns, Mississippi...  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

06-23-2017 Pennsylvanians must do their share to fight climate change
This week I traveled to Harrisburg on a small chartered bus, along with  about 25 other members and friends of PennEnvironment. We went there to  urge our state legislators to do more for our state’s environment by  passing laws that encourage the production of clean energy — solar,...  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

06-23-2017 Utility worker electrocuted while working on power line
PHILADELPHIA  Officials say a utility worker was killed while working on a power line  during an outage in suburban Philadelphia...  - AP

06-23-2017 Utility crews clearcut forests on West Mountain
Crews with PPL Electric Utilities continue work Thursday on a new  substation and 1.3-mile power line on West Mountain to connect the  substation to existing transmission lines.  The substation will step down 230-kilovolt power to 69-kilovolt power. When  complete, the substation will help PPL provide more reliable power to...  - Scranton Times

06-23-2017 PECO plans road restrictions in Pottstown for utility work
POTTSTOWN >> PECO Energy is planning gas main improvements in Pottstown  that will cause road restrictions.  PennDOT announced that on Tuesday, June 27, and Wednesday, June 28, from 9  a.m. to 3 p.m., lane restrictions with flagging are scheduled on High  Street between Baily Street and Madison Street in Pottstown....  - Pottstown Mercury

06-23-2017 Valley Energy executive retires; new CEO appointed
SAYRE — Valley Energy’s long-time top executive, President and  Chief Executive Officer Robert J. Crocker, retired Thursday, closing out a  career with the Sayre natural gas utility that spanned more than four  decades.  - Towanda Daily Review

06-23-2017 Editorial | With election year looming, deal with state budget issues now
Oh, those poor state lawmakers, working under intense pressure figuring out  how to spend our money.  The General Assembly has proposed a $31.5 billion budget for fiscal year  2017-18, which begins July 1 – but hasn’t figured out how to get to  that number.  Gov. Tom Wolf has put forth a $32.3 billion proposed budget, and calls the...  - Johnstown Tribune-Democrat

06-22-2017 UGI Employees Donate Time, Talents to Local Organizations
  (Press Release)

06-22-2017 Senate Approves Baker Bill To Increase Public Safety By Expanding PA One Call
  (Press Release)

06-22-2017 Days from the deadline, budget indecision in Pa.
HARRISBURG — With less than 10 days to the deadline for a new state  budget, there is talk but little action — and even less agreement —  on how to close a steep budget deficit and fix the state’s fiscal  problems.  Gov. Wolf, a Democrat, on Wednesday strongly signaled skepticism over a...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

06-22-2017 Wolf takes dim view of GOP's budget-balancing strategies
HARRISBURG — Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf poured cold water on leading  ideas from Republican lawmakers Wednesday to patch up the state's  deficit-wracked finances as they wrestle with the state's biggest cash  shortfall since the recession...  - AP

06-22-2017 It's time for Pa. to stop papering over its budget holes: Frank Dermody
For many years during budget negotiations, Democrats have proposed  commonsense solutions like a severance tax on gas drillers and closing  corporate tax loopholes, but each year Republicans have resisted.  DERMODY ART.jpgState Rep. Frank Dermody, D-Allegheny (Pa. House photo)...  - Harrisburg Patriot-News

06-22-2017 Lloyd receives award
The Pennsylvania Bar Association Public Utility Law Section presented its  Christianson Award to William Lloyd Jr., of Somerset, during a conference  June 1 in Harrisburg.  The award is named after Robert Christianson, a former chief administrative  law judge for the Public Utility Commission....  - Somerset Daily

06-22-2017 Days from the deadline, budget indecision in Pa.
With less than 10 days to the deadline for a new state budget, there is  talk but little action — and even less agreement — on how to close  a steep budget deficit and fix the state’s fiscal problems.  Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, on Wednesday strongly signaled skepticism over a...  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

06-21-2017 City must pay Met Ed $53K for damage to electrical conduit, Pa. Supreme Court rules
The City of Reading can't dodge $53,000 worth of responsibility for damage  it negligently allowed to occur to a Met Ed electrical conduit, the state  Supreme Court concluded Tuesday.  That decision overturns a Commonwealth Court finding that the city was  legally immune from the power company's lawsuit over the damage....  - Harrisburg Patriot-News

06-21-2017 With one call, PPL customers can opt to hook up to multiple utilities
PPL Electric Utilities said Tuesday it has reached an agreement with  Allconnect Inc. that, with one phone call, will enable customers to  schedule installations with other utilities at the same time they arrange  to turn on the electricity. (APRIL BARTHOLOMEW/THE MORNING CALL)...  - Allentown Morning Call

06-21-2017 Better leadership on energy needed in D.C.
By Kerith Strano Taylor  U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s June 7 Op-Ed demands an immediate  response. Secretary Perry argues that we will have more economic  development and jobs, more energy and a cleaner environment as a result of  the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. But he fails to support...  - State College Centre Daily Times

06-21-2017 Pa. Supreme Court: Reading liable in Met-Ed suit
Harrisburg, PA  After years of court battles, the state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that  the City of Reading is liable for tens of thousands of dollars in damages  caused to a Met-Ed conduit bank in 2009.  Tuesday's decision reverses a 2015 Commonwealth Court judgment that the...  - Reading Eagle

06-21-2017 Pa. should just say no to a tax on gas drillers: David Spigelmyer
By David Spigelmyer  After a challenging 2016, we're beginning to see signs of a fragile energy  market recovery.  With efforts at the federal level to reform taxes and reduce bureaucratic  red tape, states are engaged in a fierce competition for capital and  job-creating investment resources....  - Harrisburg Patriot-News

06-21-2017 PPL making it easier to move into a new home
Moving to a new home can be stressful, so PPL Electric Utilities is  offering its customers a free service to make the process easier.  When residential customers call PPL to set up their electric service —  whether for the first time or when moving — they will have the option...  - Hazleton Standard-Speaker

06-20-2017 UGI Congratulates Mohegan Sun Pocono on Power Plant Installation
  (Press Release)

06-20-2017 PPL Electric Utilities offers new service to customers who are moving
  (Press Release)

06-20-2017 Energy Association of PA Exhibit Cautions Public on Working Near Electric or...
  (Press Release)

06-20-2017 Pittsburgh to buy first batch of electric vehicles
Pittsburgh employees will be driving electric cars on city streets in  about a month, an official told the Trib on Monday.  The city has ordered its first electric cars — two Ford Focuses and two  Chevrolet Bolts — as part of Mayor Bill Peduto's directive to replace...  - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

06-20-2017 For low-income residents, Philadelphia unveiling income-based water bills
The Philadelphia Water Department next month will launch a low-income  assistance program that offers payments starting at $12 per month and is  open even to those who haven’t fallen behind on their bills. For those  who have, that debt would be forgiven after two years of on-time payments....  - Philadelphia Inquirer

06-20-2017 Pennsylvania badly needs new revenue, top Senate Dem says
HARRISBURG — Senate Democratic leader Jay Costa painted a bleak picture  of state finances Monday, predicting that lawmakers and the governor will  put Band-Aids on the next two budgets instead of fixing problems by  enacting steady revenue increases.  Though the June 30 deadline for the next fiscal year’s budget is less...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

06-20-2017 Say 'no' to bailing out Three Mile Island
by Bob Dick  Talks of a bailout for the Three Mile Island Generating Station are heating  up after the money-losing nuclear power plant announced plans to wind down  operations. Now, the plant’s owners are looking to you, the taxpayer,  for help.  Outrageous? Unfortunately, it’s business as usual: Business bailouts...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

06-20-2017 Nearly 25,000 power outages in Pa. after severe storm
The worst of the storm passed quickly through Pennsylvania, but not before  causing a tornado warning and nearly 25,000 power outages.  First Energy, the parent company of local provider Met-Ed and many other  electricity companies, is reporting more than 18,000 outages across the...  - Harrisburg Patriot-News

06-20-2017 Philadelphia expanding, improving low-income water program
PHILADELPHIA  The Philadelphia Water Department is launching a new program next month to  provide discounted service to low-income families...  - AP

06-20-2017 Strong winds, heavy rains hit Berks County hard
Home  News  Special to the Reading Eagle: David J. Reimer Sr. | Powerful winds knocked  down power lines on the 500 block of Bowers Road in Maxatawny Township  Monday afternoon. Thousands lost power after strong storms rolled through  Berks County and the surrounding region....  - Reading Eagle

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