09-26-2019 Your legislature’s back. Aren’t you glad? | John Baer
So, after a three-month summer break, your “full-time”  legislature’s back in action, which has to warm the hearts of each and  every taxpayer, no?  And, because the institution can’t stop stepping on itself, its return  to session includes internal troubles inviting headshakes and heavy sighs....  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

09-26-2019 The World's Oceans Are in Danger, Major Climate Change Report Warns
Climate change is heating the oceans and altering their chemistry so  dramatically that it is threatening seafood supplies, fueling cyclones and  floods and posing profound risks to the hundreds of millions of people  living along the coasts, according to a sweeping United Nations report...  - New York Times

09-26-2019 Pitt under pressure to make its $4.3 billion endowment fossil-fuel free
A coalition of student groups that for years has urged the University of  Pittsburgh to rid itself of investments tied to fossil fuels summed things  up recently in three words: “This HUGE news!”  No, it wasn’t something happening at Pitt.  Rather, the message posted to the group’s Facebook page followed word...  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

09-25-2019 PUC Announces Public Input Hearing on Duquesne Light Company Transmission...
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09-24-2019 Wolf Admin. Backs Apprenticeship Program for Electricians
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09-24-2019 Nukes crucial as TMI closes
The closing last week of the remaining nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island  is a reminder of the failed promises of the early nuclear power industry.  One of the two reactors at TMI has been closed since its infamous partial  meltdown in 1979. But the biggest problem with the industry has been cost...  - Scranton Times

09-23-2019 Mehaffie Comments on Closure of TMI Power Plant
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09-23-2019 TMI shuts down, local officials predict economic hit
LONDONDERRY TOWNSHIP— The mood Friday was somber as about 50 area  residents, local officials and Exelon employees looked out at the steam  billowing from Three Mile Island's towers one last time.  Forty-five years since Unit 1 began operating, the Dauphin County nuclear...  - York Dispatch

09-23-2019 With TMI closed, nuclear advocates’ concern shifts to Pa.’s other plants
(Londonderry Township) — With the Three Mile Island nuclear plant  officially closed and off the power grid, nuclear advocates are turning  their attention to Pennsylvania’s four other plants.  Some say they think lawmakers are boosting the natural gas industry at the...  - WITF

09-22-2019 'We want to send a message': Students lead climate strike in Pittsburgh
Leandra Mira, an 18-year-old from Upper St. Clair, has spent each Friday  for the last four months outside the City-County Building in a mostly  solitary vigil aimed at alerting local political leaders to what she calls  .the climate crisis..  On Friday she found out she is not alone....  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

09-22-2019 'End of an era:' After 45 years, Three Mile Island nuclear power plant is closed
Exelon Generation on Friday pulled the plug on Three Mile Island Unit 1,  which generated prodigious amounts of electricity for 45 years, but failed  in the end to generate enough political support for its financial needs or  its contribution as a carbon-free power source....  - Philadelphia Inquirer

09-22-2019 Surviving Three Mile Island nuclear reactor shuts down
The money-losing Three Mile Island, site of the United States. worst  commercial nuclear power accident, has been shut down by its energy giant  owner...  - AP

09-22-2019 Young protesters around globe demand climate change action
A wave of climate change protests swept across the globe Friday, with  hundreds of thousands of young people sending a message to leaders headed  for a U.N. summit: The warming world can.t wait for action...  - AP

09-22-2019 After all that, Three Mile Island closes with a whimper, and a whisp
Forty-five years and a lot of anxiety - and cash flow - later, the Three  Mile Island nuclear power station on the Susquehanna River is in  retirement.  But the main public acknowledgment of that Friday felt more like a wake  than a retirement party, as local officials mourned what they called the...  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

09-22-2019 Goodbye, Three Mile Island: Remaining reactor shuts down
The money-losing Three Mile Island, the 1979 site of the United States'  worst commercial nuclear power accident, was shut down Friday by its energy  giant owner...  - AP

09-22-2019 'This is my future': Thousands of students in Baltimore, across Maryland join global climate march
Charlotte Corcoran is getting used to walking out of class to protest the  issues she views as threats to her future.  When she was 14, she marched out of Roland Park Country School carrying a  sign that read: .I.m missing a day of school because 17 are missing the...  - Baltimore Sun

09-22-2019 Climate Protesters and World Leaders: Same Planet, Different Worlds
This is the world we live in: Punishing heat waves, catastrophic floods,  huge fires and climate conditions so uncertain that children took to the  streets en masse in global protests to demand action.  But this is also the world we live in: A pantheon of world leaders who have...  - New York Times

09-20-2019 House Moves Forward to Energize PA
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09-20-2019 Gov. Wolf Commends PUC for Helping Low Income Pennsylvanians
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09-20-2019 Legislators urge Gov. Wolf to act on methane gas emissions
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09-20-2019 Activists Hold Climate Rally on Capitol Steps as Part of Global Strike
  (Around the Capital)

09-20-2019 Three Mile Island shutdown is imminent
The shutdown of Three Mile Island, site of the United States’ worst  commercial nuclear power accident, is imminent...  - AP

09-20-2019 Three Mile Island’s last day as a working reactor will be Friday
Three Mile Island’s last day as a working nuclear power station will be  Friday.  Plant spokesman Dave Marcheskie confirmed to PennLive Thursday the last day  of active, energy-production at the plant sitting about 10 miles southeast  of Harrisburg, long held out as “on or about Sept. 30,” will go...  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

09-20-2019 Three Mile Island to shut down for good on Friday, after Pennsylvania said no to financial rescue
Exelon Generation says it will permanently shut down Three Mile Island Unit  1 at noon on Friday, closing the door on a nuclear power station that  became infamous by association with the 1979 accident that crippled its  neighboring twin reactor.  Exelon announced the closure of Unit 1 in May after Pennsylvania...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

09-20-2019 Three Mile Island nuclear power station is closing today: Will you miss it when it’s gone?
From the Department of Mixed Feelings: The nuclear reactor at Three Mile  Island will be shut down for the last time Friday, bringing an end to its  active life as a power generating station on a spit of land in the middle  of the Susquehanna River.  This may be cause for celebration if you are one of the survivors of the...  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

09-20-2019 TMI to officially cease operations Friday
Three Mile Island is officially shutting down Friday after a yearslong  battle to save the nuclear plant from financial hardship.  Lacey Dean, director of nuclear communications for Exelon Generation —  owner of the Dauphin County plant's Unit 1 reactor — confirmed...  - York Dispatch

09-20-2019 What's behind the youth movement to tackle climate change? Fear — but also hope
Ella Shriner doesn’t remember learning about climate change. It was  always just there — a somber backdrop to her young life.  But the older she got, the more pressing the issue seemed.  “It’s something affecting people, not just the polar bears,”  said the high school senior from Portland, Ore. “In my lifetime, for...  - Los Angeles Times

09-20-2019 PUC approves lower rate increase than requested by UGI Utilities; Grants 5-year extension for GET Gas Expansion into underserved areas
HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) Thursday  approved an amended Joint Petition for Approval of Settlement highlighted  by a lower than requested increase in rates for natural gas distribution  services provided by UGI Utilities, Inc. – Gas Division (UGI)....  - Bradford Era

09-20-2019 Pennsylvania to expand help for poor utility customers. It’ll cost everyone else $102 million
The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, split along party lines, voted  Thursday to dramatically expand low-income utility assistance programs,  making them more forgiving and more affordable for hundreds of thousands of  Pennsylvanians.  The PUC’s action could significantly lower energy costs for the poorest...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

09-20-2019 Paul Muschick: Want to reduce Pennsylvania school property taxes? Here’s how it can be done.
The news from Harrisburg on the prospects of school tax relief isn’t  promising.  A bipartisan group of senators and representatives who have been leading  the effort are unlikely to reach a consensus on an alternate funding plan,  Morning Call Capitol reporter Ford Turner wrote Thursday....  - Allentown Morning Call

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