12-04-2019 Survey: Pa. greenhouse gas emissions dropped 19% from 2005 to ’16
Pennsylvania’s net greenhouse gas emissions dropped nearly 19% from  2005 to 2016, according to a new inventory prepared by the state Department  of Environmental Protection.  Pennsylvania was responsible for 235 million metric tons of carbon dioxide  equivalent in 2016, which represented an 18.8% decrease in greenhouse gas...  - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

12-04-2019 Carbon Dioxide Emissions Hit a Record in 2019, Even as Coal Fades
Emissions of planet-warming carbon dioxide from fossil fuels hit a record  high in 2019, researchers said Tuesday, putting countries farther off  course from their goal of halting global warming.  The new data contained glimmers of good news: Worldwide, industrial...  - New York Times

12-04-2019 Analysis | The Energy 202: The silver lining in the dire new climate report
Here.s the bad news: Global emissions of carbon dioxide hit another record  in 2019. The world appears to be doing far too little to forestall  dangerous warming that could kill nearly all the world.s coral reefs and  send sea levels soaring.  That conclusion, from a new analysis of carbon emissions emitted by fossil...  - Washington Post

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