10-18-2017 Pennsylvania House OKs new cash package to backfill deficit
HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania's Republican-controlled House of  Representatives advanced its latest deficit-financing proposal Tuesday  night that revolved around elements the House previously had rejected in a  protracted budget standoff with the Senate and Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf.../...  - AP

10-18-2017 Pennsylvania House Republicans approve revenue package
HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania House Republicans have a budget plan.  This time, they hope it sticks.  The GOP-controlled House worked late into the night Tuesday to narrowly  approve a revenue package, 102-88, to help pay for the $32 billion budget  that passed more than three months ago....  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

10-18-2017 Pa. House passes budget balancing plan; no finality in sight yet
The state House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday night that  represents one way to backfill the bulk of a $2.2 billion deficit in this  year's $32.0 billion state budget.  The plan, like most considered in this cycle, relies mostly on borrowing,  one-time fund transfers and other accounting maneuvers to belatedly balance...  - Penn Live, Patriot-News

10-18-2017 Power grid politicized
There is no evidence that an inadequate fuel supply ever has caused a  disruption to any of the nation’s power grids. But Energy Secretary  Rick Perry has managed to convert a study of the power grids into a  back-door bailout of the declining nuclear and coal power industries....  - Pottsville Republican and Evening Herald

10-18-2017 Transource announces power line routes
FRANKLIN COUNTY - Transource Energy on Monday announced its preferred  routes in Franklin and York counties for a high-power electric transmission  line running from Maryland through central Pennsylvania.  MORE: People and farm equipment line up to oppose power line...  - Chambersburg Public Opinion

10-18-2017 Beyond public safety, fixing aging gas pipelines is good for our economy | Opinion
By John Shinn and Tom Gilbert  New Jersey has more miles of old and leak-prone iron gas pipelines than any  other state. We're also the most densely populated state. Combine aging  pipelines and high population, and you have the makings of a catastrophe.  That's why we need to make our gas infrastructure safer even as we make the...  - Trenton Times

10-17-2017 Breaking Deals with Job Creators Not Conducive for Economic Growth, Wagner says
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10-17-2017 PUC Hosts Philadelphia 'Be Utility Wise' Education Event Focusing on...
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10-17-2017 Stateline Daily: No Social Security Number? No Lights
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10-17-2017 Clean Power Plan's demise: Innovation, competition clear the air
With technological advances and market forces drowning out the hubbub  prompted by both the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan and the Trump  administration's decision to ditch it, this never-implemented proposal to  limit coal-fired power plants' carbon emissions ends with a whimper, not a...  - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

10-17-2017 Energy agency projects slight decline in Marcellus, Utica natural gas productivity
Natural gas production in the Appalachia region, which includes the  Marcellus and Utica shales, is projected to drop slightly in November but  still produce more gas per well than any other region, according to the  Energy Information Administration.  The agency predicts gas production per rig will fall from 14,204 thousand...  - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

10-16-2017 Pennsylvania explores new territory in budget fight
HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania's deficit-riddled finances are in new  territory, as Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf assembles a package to balance the  state's budget without involvement from a Republican-controlled Legislature  riven by ideological and provincial disputes...  - AP

10-16-2017 People and farm equipment line up to oppose Transource power line
MONT ALTO - About 40 people stood in front of a 130-foot-long line of farm  vehicles in a recently harvested field at Sunny Acres Farm this weekend,  illustrating what the size of the right-of-way needed for proposed power  line towers actually looks like.  MORE: 7 things to know about the proposed Transource power line...  - Chambersburg Public Opinion

10-15-2017 Energy Secretary Perry, in Philly, defends Trump's plan to save nuclear plants and coal
Energy Secretary Rick Perry on Friday defended the Trump  administration’s controversial new proposal to subsidize the coal and  nuclear-power industries, equating the higher cost of electricity under the  plan to the cost of maintaining a national defense.  “We subsidize freedom with the military, which we pay for and...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

10-15-2017 Modernize power grid for 21st century
There is no evidence that an inadequate fuel supply ever has caused a  disruption to any of the nation’s power grids. But Energy Secretary  Rick Perry has managed to convert a study of the power grids into a  back-door bailout of the declining nuclear and coal power industries....  - Wilkes-Barre Citizens' Voice

10-15-2017 Pennsylvania explores new territory in budget fight
Pennsylvania's deficit-riddled finances are in new territory, as Democratic  Gov. Tom Wolf assembles a package to balance the state's budget without  involvement from a Republican-controlled Legislature riven by ideological  and provincial disputes...  - AP

10-15-2017 Legislators from Lancaster County talk about uncertain fate of state budget stalemate
State lawmakers from Lancaster County on Friday expressed some frustration  and gave little indication of how they believe Pennsylvania officials may  eventually compromise in the prolonged budget stalemate in Harrisburg.  The nine legislators gave their thoughts on the budget and other topics...  - Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

10-13-2017 PUC Hosts Wilkes-Barre 'Be Utility Wise' Education Event Focusing on...
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10-13-2017 DEP to Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant in...
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10-13-2017 DEP to hold public hearing on proposed power plant in Cumberland Township
The state Department of Environmental Protection will hold a public hearing  next month on the air quality plan approval application for the proposed  Hill Top Energy Center located in Greene County.  Hill Top Energy proposed building a 536-megawatt natural gas power plant on...  - Washington Observer-Reporter

10-12-2017 Business and environmental groups fight Trump move on coal, nuclear at expense of natural gas, wind and solar
WASHINGTON — The Trump administration says coal is back and nuclear  energy is cool. Not at the expense of natural gas, wind and solar, insist  an unusual coalition of business and environmental groups...  - AP

10-12-2017 Council approves state nuclear plant resolution
City Council on Wednesday approved a resolution calling on the state to  “support policies to preserve Pennsylvania’s nuclear energy  plants,” upon the request of a FirstEnergy spokeswoman whose firm  operates one of five Pennsylvania nuclear plants that are selling power at...  - Altoona Mirror

10-12-2017 Chambersburg farmers demonstrate against Transouce power line
CHAMBERSBURG -- Farmers are organizing a demonstration on Saturday to show  the footprint of a Transource transmission tower.  People and farm equipment will outline a 30- by 30-foot square that the  base of a 230-kilovolt lattice tower would cover. About five towers would...  - Chambersburg Public Opinion

10-12-2017 All-of-the-above energy strategy needed to fuel reliable electric grid
The spate of recent hurricanes that pummeled Florida, Louisiana, and Texas  highlights the fragility of America’s electricity infrastructure.  Millions of residents lost power for days, sometimes weeks. In tandem with  this lost service came troubling disruptions to gas production and key...  - Philadelphia Inquirer

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