EAP Report – Annual Winter Reliability Industry Assessment

Oct 23, 2017Advocacy & Education

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
Annual Winter Reliability Assessment

Introduction – How Gas Is Delivered

  • Extracted from wells and moved from collection point into gathering system for sale into the wholesale market
    • Includes processing facility where natural gas is purified and useful by-products such as propane and butane are removed
  • Moved into transmission system using compressors
    • counteracts friction that is created when gas is moved through steel pipe
  • Transported by midstream companies to utility’s delivery point (“city gate”) or to upstream storage
    • Pressure reduced
    • Odorant added
  • Moved into utility’s distribution pipeline and delivered through individual service lines to customer
    • pressure further reduced for delivery

Supply and Demand – Winter 2017-2018
(all natural gas volumes in billions of cubic feet)


Expected Demand 224.1 Bcf
Expected Supply
Flowing Interstate Gas 122.1
Storage Withdrawals 92.3
Local Production 7.8
Peak Shaving 1.9
TOTAL 224.1


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