EAP Testimony to PA House Consumer Affairs Committee on House Bill 1047

Apr 23, 2013Testimony, Briefs, & Filings

Before the House Consumer Affairs Committee

Hearing on House Bill 1047

Testimony of
Donna M.J. Clark

Vice President and General Counsel
Energy Association of Pennsylvania
June 5, 2017

Good morning Chairman Godshall, Chairman Daley, Committee Members and guests. I am Donna Clark, Vice President and General Counsel of the Energy Association of Pennsylvania (“EAP” or “Association”), a trade association comprised of electric and natural gas utilities operating in Pennsylvania. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in today’s public hearing on behalf of the EAP’s electric and natural gas utility members1 regarding House Bill 1047.

For context, the EAP’s primary functions are to advocate positions before state agencies, most notably the Public Utility Commission (“PUC” or “Commission”) and the General Assembly, and to assist its members in sharing best practices. EAP also provides educational opportunities for its members (as well as for out-of-state utilities, government employees, and other interested parties) through its annual conferences on electric & gas operational and consumer service issues, and occasional ad hoc events planned around timely key industry issues.

My purpose for appearing before you today is to urge passage of House Bill 1047, legislation proposing to eliminate the expiration date associated with the “Responsible Utility Customer Protection Act” (also known as “Chapter 14” of Title 66) to prevent its sunset on December 31, 2014. Chapter 14 is the foundation of Pennsylvania’s successful comprehensive residential utility collection strategy and the backbone of subsequent PUC regulatory policies designed to reduce uncollectible expenses and mitigate the need for rate increases for electric and gas service in the state.


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