Be Energy Wise to Save Money and Energy

The member utilities of the Energy Association of Pennsylvania (EAP) have launched “Be Energy Wise,” a state-wide effort that highlights energy-saving programs offered to eligible homeowners and renters, including energy audits by trained educators, weatherization, key appliance assistance and other measures. Good weatherization can provide benefits in summer as well as winter, stabilizing indoor temperature and humidity to make living spaces more comfortable as well as lowering energy costs.

Some of the available services for qualifying homes are:

Energy audits
from certified auditors

Education on
appropriate thermostat and hot water settings

updates like recaulking drafty windows or applying new or additional insulation

Inspections of energy
use by key appliances in the home

Find Your Electric & Natural Gas
Utility Provider

To find out if your household is eligible for energy-saving weatherization assistance, reach out to your local utility company.

Citizen’s Electric
Electric Utilities
(570) 522-6144

Gas Company, LL

Natural Gas Utilities
(570) 278-5863

Electric and Natural Gas Utilities
(800) 494-4000

Peoples Natural Gas
Natural Gas Utilities
(800) 400-WARM (9276)

PPL Electric
Electric Utilities
(800) 358-6623

Valley Energy
Natural Gas Utilities
(800) 998-4427

Columbia Gas
Natural Gas Utilities
(800) 537-7431

Electric Utilities
(800) 545-7741

Electric Utilities
(800) 545-7741

Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW)
Natural Gas Utilities
(215) 235-1000

UGI – Electric
Electric Utilities
(800) 276-2722

West Penn Power
Electric Utilities
(800) 686-0021


Duquesne Light
Electric Utilities
(866) 787-5237

National Fuel Gas
Natural Gas Utilities
(800) 365-3234

Penn Power
Electric Utilities
(800) 720-3600


Pike County Light & Power
Electric and Natural Gas Utilities
(855) 855-2050

UGI – Gas
Natural Gas Utilities
(800) 276-2722


Weatherization Tips

“Weatherization” is a term for energy-saving practices and upgrades you can make in your hope to save energy, make living spaces more comfortable and lower utility bills. Some ways you can weatherize your home include:

Blocking the summer sun with window coverings to improve the efficiency of air conditioning.

Removing window blockings in the winter to let the sunshine in to help warm the home.

Reducing heat or adjusting air conditioning at night, during the day if no one’s home, and during extended absences.

Wrapping hot water heaters with insulation and keeping water temperature around 120° or lower.

Considering insulating spaces like basements, attics or crawl spaces – where the home is closest to outside air – to preserve indoor temperatures.


The Energy Association of PA and 18 PA Utility Providers Tell Customers to, “Be Energy Wise!”

Harrisburg, PA – August 23, 2022

Weatherization Programs Available for Qualified Homeowners and Renters

The Energy Association of Pennsylvania, and 18 utility providers across the state are today launching “Be Energy Wise!” to highlight energy-saving programs available to eligible homeowners and renters. The programs offer free, personalized energy audits by trained educators, as well as weatherization, key appliance assistance and other measures.