Expansion of Natural Gas Distribution Service

Sep 9, 2015Testimony, Briefs, & Filings

Expansion of Natural Gas Distribution Service

EAP Gas Utility Members

  • Own and operate natural gas distribution pipeline systems – pipes, meters and other infrastructure used to deliver natural gas from the “city gate” to customers.
  • Do not own production wells or transmission lines upstream of the “city gate”.
  • Interact with customers – providing bills, responding to service issues, educating customers on safety & energy efficiency, and administering “universal service” programs to assist low-income customers.
  • Serve as the retail market’s “Supplier of Last Resort” for customers who do not purchase their natural gas from a natural gas supplier.

Understanding How Gas is Delivered

  • Extracted from wells and moved from collection point into gathering system for sale into the wholesale market
    • Includes processing facility where natural gas is purified and useful by-products such as propane and butane are removed
  • Moved into transmission system using compressors
    • counteracts friction that is created when gas is moved through steel pipe
  • Transported by midstream companies to utility’s delivery point (“city gate”) or to upstream storage
    • Pressure reduced
    • Odorant added
  • Moved into utility’s distribution pipeline and delivered through individual service lines to customer
    • pressure further reduced for delivery


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