Dear Editor:

Lisa Badum, a member of Germany’s Parliament, writes that the U.S. doesn’t need more liquified natural gas export terminals because Europe is reducing its use of natural gas (April 24, 2024).

Consumption of natural gas in Europe dropped in 2023 due to high prices that squeezed consumers to use less and caused some industries to switch to burning oil. Germany still relies on fossil fuels for over three-quarters of its energy needs and its reliance on natural gas is likely to grow as it shutters nuclear and coal-fired power plants.

Ms. Badum claims that renewable energy is much cheaper than fossil fuels. Then why does Germany subsidize renewable energy? And why are Germany’s residential electric rates more than double those in Pennsylvania?

The bottom line for Ms. Badum is that “getting with the times” means relying almost exclusively on renewable energy. This ignores warnings from U.S. electric grid experts that that we continue to need nuclear and fossil fuel sources that are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions must also preserve energy affordability and reliability.

Terrance J. Fitzpatrick, president and CEO, Energy Association of Pa.

*This piece can be found in the Philadelphia Inquirer.